Our Timelines and Budget Considerations

Casa Engineering’s project management strategy is ready and prepared to deliver projects on time with no sacrifice to quality. Through a design review process we ensure the quality of our work and project budgets are met. At the beginning of each project, a meeting is held to analyze the project scope and break it down into tasks. The project scope and schedule is reviewed with the client to ensure agreement on all critical aspects of the project, such as budgets, staffing, and schedule for completion.

Our Project Management Strategy

The project manager assigns and provides easily identifiable accountability task functions to lead designers, and weekly meetings are held with all team members to evaluate project progress. A design review team is assigned to evaluate projects and provide QA/QC for plans.

Keeping up with project progress assures that budgets are aligned with the percent of project completion. If unexpected changes are encountered or priorities are modified, CASA Engineering has the flexibility to change existing staff priorities, such as allocating overtime.

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